It’s true that every person has a book within them. We all have a story to tell or knowledge to share. But it’s equally true that we all have that inner negative voice that says it will never happen. That no one cares about our stories and our knowledge. You’re not alone if you have that voice.
The only way to counter that negative voice is to start writing your book. You can’t write a book while still thinking about how to write it. You’ve thought for too long. Possibly your negative voice will ask about how you will publish it, but really can you publish a book you never wrote? Your problem is not publishing, your problem is procrastinating. 
Yes, you’ll make mistakes in your writing. But do you want to be the best selling author or the best writing author? To be the best seller you need  mental resources, creative energy and time to write your book. This shows commitment. You need to have the mindset of a professional writer who doesn’t give in to calls to give up on finishing the job. When you start writing you will grow your self editing skills and ideas generation skills.
To grow your idea generation skills you need to be a great researcher and reader. You can’t be a great writer if you never read other people’s work. Good writers and successful authors are great readers. 
Before writing your book, ask yourself these three questions;Why am I writing this book?Who’s my audience?Which problem am I solving?
People write books for several reasons, some want additional income, others want to show authority in that field, some want to grow their network and others want to change lives. What’s your reason?
You need to know your target audience. Is it for the youth, married people, christians, muslims, high schoolers, college students, newly married, parents, teachers, entrepreneurs, or authors. Clearly define your target group.
If you’re writing a book to make money, then write a book that solves a problem. People pay to solve problems. Nobody cares about your book, people care about your book solving their problem. They are searching for answers to their need, not enriching you. Your problem solving ideas is what they are investing in. 
So stop thinking, start writing. An average person can type 50 words per minute, an average person can think 400 words per minute, but an average person can speak 150 words per minute. Now this is a problem, you’re actually thinking more words than you can type. The only way to handle that problem is to stop thinking and start writing. You know what you want. Whether you want to educate or inform, to speak to young people or married couples. If you can’t start writing your book then you’ll never publish it. 
Stop your excuses. Set a deadline and write that book, today!

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