(Due to public demand, I am writing an article about content mastery. This is a recap of what we discussed on the zoom mentorship meeting on Tuesday 1st September at 8PM)

At some point in your life you’ve heard someone complaining, ‘why did I study Mohorovisic discontinuity in Geography, Call of Moses in CRE, Bones in Biology, The Mole concept in Chemistry, The types of computers in the Computer class or Algebra in Mathematics yet it has never been applied anywhere in my life.’ The truth is you can never apply what you never mastered. Albert Einstein said that education is what remains after you’ve forgotten everything you learnt in school.

Crammers will always cram, masters will master.

The crammers will also cram their way to the university, fake transcripts, copy assignments, falsify projects and research papers, then get first class. They will get employed. But later they will realize that in the work place nobody cares whether you had a first class or second lower. All the managers want is productivity. You are an accounting graduate with a first class, coupled with CPA, CIFA and ACCA but you can’t even balance the books of accounts. You don’t even know the long term assets or the short term assets.

It’s very unfair to seat on your high school seat and locker for 4 years, 1080 days, 8 hours a day then you finish form four with an A but you’re uneducated because nothing remained in your mind after doing the last KCSE paper in the dinning hall. The end doesn’t justify the means, the means justify the end. Content masters always get better grades than crammers.

I have been to over 850 high schools and colleges speaking with young people on various topics, especially Academics related. I have written articles and authored books on the same. I have featured in many newspaper magazines talking about education matters. I have been to multiple TV and radio interviews discussing about academic and education matters (found on YouTube). I always believe in mentorship, I believe that if I share my experiences with someone then I’ll have helped them so that they can avoid the mistakes I made or do what I did to even get better grades. I got an A-(79) in KCSE from my remote little-known village school in Kakamega county. It was a school which was not known with anybody. It wasn’t even a district school.

All I wanted was to be outstanding, you can’t be outstanding if you don’t stand out. You can’t stand out if you’re doing what every body else is doing. If you do what you’ve always done you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.

To master content, you must have all the personal notes. You must have all the notes given by the teacher in class. The notes you wrote with your own hand. Content is notes. You can’t master content that you don’t have, can you? This is why missing classes is so wrong, but if you missed classes go see the teacher.

Work with topics. Notes are huge chunks. It’s big. You can’t do with the whole of it at once. We have to break it down. We have to work with what we can’t chew and swallow. So break your notes into topics.

Have a study book and a dirty book. This is what I was doing when I was in high school. I had these two books. A study book is a book with all the topics written down in an organized manner. A dirty book is a book which is used for study purposes, don’t confuse with summary book. In a dirty book we just write the important information, not summary notes.

A study book and dirty book will always work well with a working timetable. So once you study a specific topic (based on your timetable) you tick on the study book. On Saturday 5th September at 8PM on Zoom I’ll be teaching students how to make a working timetable. If you want to get more information about study book and dirty book kindly don’t miss that session, you will learn alot about how to make a timetable that will work for your academic success.

Remember, next year many schools will go down in performance. And many will blame on Corona. Don’t be one of the students who will fail to hit your target. You have a chance now to work with me as I show you how to traverse to your success. High school aademic success is easy, if you know how.

You don’t reap what you sow, you reap more than what you sow. What are you sowing?


  1. Peter kinyanjui

    It is good it helped me good,but I need to get more about life,be blessed

  2. Peter kinyanjui

    I know that life has got some challenges but through experience you can make it,,,thanks

  3. Peter kinyanjui

    Do I need more potential to understand things when I am doing study’s alone or can I make it my self to get A and may be I score’s c-


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