2020 broke me, it did. Probably it broke you too. It broke me into small tiny pieces.
In that year nothing was special in my life. I was just surviving when others were thriving. In that year I was not just sad, but empty. In that year I made bad decisions and wrong choices. In that year I did not want to live but also did not want to take my life. In that year I learnt that happiest people are kindest, saddest people are brightest and wisest people are the broken.
That was the year when I was scared of death but also tired of living a miserable life. That was the year when everything I touched turned into failure. That was the year when I discovered that ‘I am fine’ is the biggest scam in 21st century. That was the year when I realised that life is a painful truth and death is a beautiful lie. That was the year when I knew that the prettiest smiles have the deepest secrets, cutest eyes have cried the most tears and the kindest hearts have felt the most pain. In 2020 I realized that when you hide feelings everyone loves you but when you show your true colours everyone misunderstands you.
Why am I here? Do I even matter?
Life is like a piano, white boards signify happy moments while black boards mean sad moments. In 2020, I plucked more black boards than white. Sadness is like an ocean, sometimes you drawn and others you swim. In 2020, I did more drawning than swimming.
People say that I have changed alot. The truth is alot has changed me.
I feel lonely, I feel lost, I feel like I would have done much, I feel depressed, I feel like am nothing, I see my friends progressing while am still stagnant where I was in 2019 December, no success was achieved in 2020. Am just a looser.
NO! NOO! Ohh NO!  Am not a looser, am a learner. I do not choose to be defined by my circumstances, mistakes, wrong decisions, situations, challenges, obstacles, insufficiencies, worries, lack, deficiencies and weaknesses of 2020. I choose to be defined by the future of 2021, a future of hope, success, achievement, progress, fulfilment, greatness and abundance.
In 2021, I choose not to be a common man, it’s my right to be uncommon. I seek opportunity, not security. I do not wish to be a kept citizen, humbled and dulled by having the state look after me. I will take the calculated risk, to dream and to build, to fail and to succeed. I refuse to live from hand to mouth. I prefer the challenges of life to the guaranteed existence. I will never bow before any master nor bend to any threat. Enough is enough, 2021 is the year when I must achieve all I ever wanted to achieve in my life.
I did not come this far to only come this far. Man, I have endured alot in 2020, the pain, the struggles, the suffering, the rejection, the distress, the sadness, the loneliness, the doubts, the financial situations, the stress, the unemployment, the hungry stomach, the empty wallet, the broken heart, the poverty, the affliction, living below one dollar per day, eating once a day, the survival. I will not allow 2021 to be like 2020. I know better days are ahead of me. I understand that a setback is not a knockout, it is just a setup for a comeback. 
2021 is the year to change the game, wake the crowd and claim the gold. This is the year to awaken the beast.
In 2020 I always criticized myself, I always said bad things about myself, I had negative self-talk everyday. In 2021 I will say good things about myself. I am good, success flows in my veins, deep inside my DNA is greatness, I am designed for accomplishment, I am engineered for success, I am endowed with seeds of greatness, I am a man without limits, I am a superstar on a mission, I am a legend in the making, I am blessed and unstoppable, I am a winner, I am a conqueror, I am an overcomer, I am amazing, I am great, I am a work of art, I am a masterpiece, I am an agent of change, I am the salt of the earth, I am the light of the world, I am a blessing to my generation, I matter, I am needed, I am Important, I am a go getter.
In 2021 nothing will stop me. No way, shape or form of any manner will prevent me from achieving my goals. No plans, plots or schemes will derail me from my success. Nothing will stop me from being successful. Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither present nor future, neither principalities nor powers, neither height nor depth, I am unstoppable. 
Somebody send a message to the control tower. Tell them to clear the runway. I am prepared to take off for 2021. I am prepared for the turbulence. I understand that elevation requires separation. I am going for everything they said I will never achieve. I am going with lightning and thunder. I will not settle untill I get what I want.
I shall win.  From the Island of Lamu to the beaches of Diani, I shall win. From the acacias of Naivasha to the Savannahs of Nanyuki, I shall win. From the zoological parks of Tsavo to the botanical gardens of Kakamega, I shall win. From the hills of Nandi to the plains of Kano, I shall win. From the ranges of Aberdare to the valleys of Kerio, I shall win. From plateau of Kinangop to desert of Nyiri, I shall win. From Lake Kenyatta to River Nzoia, I shall win. On air and on land, I shall win. It is my time. I will begin winning from day one of 2021. I will look for the daily bread and not just the yearly bakery. I will count the days and then I will make the days count.
In 2020 I was crawling. If I could crawl then I can walk. And if I can walk then I can run. If I can run then I can fly. In 2020 I was just a tree. If I could be a tree then I can be a forest. In 2020 I was a trail. If I could be a trail I can be a path, and if I can be a path then I can be a highway. I choose to be relevant in 2021.
There is a time for everything. 2020 was a time for D but 2021 is a time for A, 2020 was a time for mourning but 2021 is a time for celebrating, 2020 was a time for destruction but 2021 is a time for rebuilding, 2020 was a time for giving up but 2021 is a time for going up, 2020 was a time for stagnation but 2021 is a time for growth, 2020 was a time for rejection but 2021 is a time for acceptance, 2020 was a time for sadness but 2021 is a time for happiness, 2020 was a time for doubts but 2021 is a time for belief, it is time. It is time to redesign, rebuild, restore, reclaim and redeem.
I hear the sound of success.   Ooh yes, I do. In 2020 they used to call me a victim but in 2021 they will call me a victor. In 2020 they were calling me terrible but in 2022 they will call me terrific, in 2020 they were calling me desperado but in 2021 they will call me dominado, in 2020 they were calling me the laughing stock but in 2021 they will call me the bench mark, in 2020 all the odds were against me but in 2021 all the odds will be in my favour. It is my time to hold that staff, be the king, take the thrown, claim my empire and make the world to know my name. Whatever it takes!
In 2021 the pain will end, the tears will stop, the doors will open, the miracles are coming, the business will boost up, the job is coming, the money will flow, sadness will end, depression will stop, emptiness will end, rejection is over, hope is coming back and doubts are running scared.
Success is my duty, obligation and responsibility.
I will not be a subject to 2021 but 2021 will be a subject to me.
In 2021 I will not be anxious about anything but in every situation by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving I will let my requests be known to God.

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