It’s roughly one week since most universities and colleges held graduation ceremonies.

Some of the graduands are currently holding graduation parties at their rural homes with lots of songs and dances, others are already developing entrepreneurship ideas, others who got first class honours are already preparing to either enrol for the master’s degree program or become a university staff while others will get a few suits and an amazing brown envelope then visit a cyber to print some documents and then the hustle begins.

But really, what next after campus? In campus we heated water using electric jugs and cooked with electric coils without paying attention to the power units consumed. We washed dishes in the sink under running taps without caring about the school water budget. After campus there is increased cost of living, decreased support from people who supported you and increased expectations from family and friends who congratulated you during your graduation party.

At some point you might feel powerless, aimless, disillusioned and alienated. You stand by your bedroom window and watch others you graduated with drive their cars in and out of their driveways every day. You see your neighbor who is your agemate or slightly older rocking with that knee-length blue or red dress that she imported from Turkey with heels and some fancy Louis Vuitton hand bag going to where they are possibly needed. But you have nothing to do.

Your social media accounts are no longer a place of solace. Everyone seems to have figured it out. Your mates are posting pictures from nice looking offices with leather seats and beautiful mahogany tables. They are discussing important things with the who and who of the industry. This drives you crazy.

You had planned your life. You started school at 5, you got that 320, 370 or 400 at 14, you got that A, B or C+ at 18, you started doing engineering, law, business or medicine at 19, you’ve just graduated at 23, you have planned to get a high paying six-figure job at 24, get married at 26, buy your first car at 27, retire from your job at 30, start your own business at 31, be the CEO of your company till you’re 60 when you will leave the position for one of your sons, become a board of director of the company from 60 until you die. Ladies and gentlemen, life is cyclical, not linear.

Just because your sister tarmacked it doesn’t mean that you’ll tarmack too. Dr Vijoo Rattansi, the Chancellor of the University of Nairobi says it better ‘As you go to the world arm yourself with the wisdom of popcorns. All of them are placed in the same pot under the same condition but they pop differently.’

Welcome to the real world. Life is not structured in a certain way. Maybe your uncle promised you that he’ll secure employment for you but now he’s not picking your calls, maybe you’re trying to have a positive mindset about the job market but after sending countless application letters still nobody is inviting you for interviews just another pain in the chest, maybe all the interviews you attend are unsuccessful because nobody gets back to you, maybe you’re getting rejections, maybe you do not know where to stay, maybe you’re questioning everything- why did parents take me to campus? Is degree a scam? Should you go to your rural areas yet people will laugh at you there? Should you go to your aunt’s place yet her husband doesn’t like idle people sitting on the coach holding remote control watching TV and doing nothing in the house? You’re stack in between a rock and a hard place. Life is what you make of it. The real world can be cruel. The same world has endless opportunities. You either adapt or drop out. You must be strong to survive in the waves of the real world. Suffer, recover, suffer then learn.

It’s time to attract what you expect, reflect what you desire and become what you respect. Campus was a place of internet surfing, endless forms and online role plays but the real world is a place of employer appetite, talent flows and emerging technologies. It’s time to think critically, be creative and make few mistakes then learn quickly.

People enrol for masters degrees immediately after finishing their undergraduates degree for three reasons. Either they want to keep themselves busy as they search for employment, to become more competitive and competent in their fields or to show off. Don’t enrol for a master’s degree for show off or because you’re competing with your cousin who is doing his PhD. Don’t go back to do a second undergraduates degree because you think the first one was useless.

Someone said most people die at 23 but they don’t get buried until they are 75. They just live a life. So long as they have money to pay rent and to eat twice a day they are okay with that.

You are unique. Build your networks and connections because in the current world of robotics, data engineering and cryptocurrency it’s not about who you know but it’s about who knows you. Know what you want to do with your life. Set priorities. Have goals. Learn through job shadowing. Look for a mentor. Have a support system. Be open minded. Just because you did finance doesn’t mean you must become a financial manager of a Tier 1 bank in the country. Learn. Keep learning. Fail and grow. Succeed then sustain your success.

Remember, education is not the key to success but education is one of the keys to success. Going to campus doesn’t automatically mean that you’ll become successful but it increases the chances of becoming successful.

You didn’t come this far to only come this far. You’ve been through alot. The supplementaries, the retakes, the one meal days, the long walks to school, the 50 shillings in the pocket, the unanswered calls to the person paying school fees, the headphones in the ears to console your broken heart.

So what next after campus? Decide.


Vidambu is an Academic Mentor with over 1600 high schools in Kenya running his academic programs.
His Finishing Strong Academic Mentorship Programs revolve around Syllabus Understanding Strategies, Content Mastery, Content Retention, Content Delivery, Proper Revision Techniques, Time Management Strategies, Working Timetable, Study Book, Classroom/Staffroom Intercordination, Academic Cultures, Study Habits, among other great topics.
He is a Trainer of Principals during KESSHA meetings and teachers.
He is the President of Global Student Mentorship Foundation, Author, and a Lecturer of entrepreneurship and finance.
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You Are Blessed.

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