I do not choose to be an ordinary teacher, it is my right to be extraordinary. I seek opportunity, not security. I do not wish to be a kept teacher, humbled and dolled by having TSC look after me. I want to take the calculated risk, to dream and to build my career, to fail and to succeed. I prefer the challenges of teaching profession to the guaranteed existence of career progression.
I will be the salt of the earth. I will be the light of the world. I will be a blessing to my generation.
I will not define myself by the size of my school nor the entry behaviour of my students.
I will be a professional who heals ignorance. I will be an artist who shapes destinies. I will be a leader who inspires creativity.
So Help Me God.


Vidambu is an Academic Mentor with over 1500 high schools in Kenya running his academic programs.
His Finishing Strong Academic Mentorship Programs revolve around Syllabus Understanding Strategies, Content Mastery, Content Retention, Content Delivery, Proper Revision Techniques, Time Management Strategies, Working Timetable, Study Book, Classroom/Staffroom Intercordination, Academic Cultures, Study Habits, among other great topics.
He is a Trainer of Principals during KESSHA meetings and teachers.
He is the President of Global Student Mentorship Center, Founder of Sam Vidambu Foundation, Author, and a Lecturer.
To Have Vidambu launch their Finishing Strong Candidates Academic Mentorship Programs to your Form fours or Starting Early Revision Program for the Form Threes in your school and be a Class Mentor kindly call/text/whatsapp 0743480435 (Sam Vidambu).
His Website Is
His Facebook Page is Sam Vidambu (The Previous Articles By Him Are Found On His Facebook Page)
Kindly Forward This Article To Whatsapp Groups of the Teachers, Guidance and Counselling Teachers, Parents and All The Principals you know.
To Be Added To His Whatsapp Group Full of Principals To Receive His Motivation and Academic Mentorship Kindly Whatsapp His Number (0743480435).

You Are Blessed.

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