1. Put God first.
  2. KCSE is not the end of life.
  3. KCSE is just like any other exam, the only difference is the colour of the paper.
  4. Before KCSE begins make peace with Chem, Bio and Mathematics.
  5. Do not be overconfident. Do not be underconfident.
  6. KCSE is not a measure of intelligence but a sieve to campus.
  7. Focus on the exit behaviour not the entry behaviour.
  8. Train yourself to answer one mark within one minute.
  9. List all the topics from form one to form four then identify which ones come in Paper 1, Paper 2 and Paper 3.
  10. Face the KCSE exam with sobriety.
  11. Getting an A is easy. Getting an E is easy. Choose your easy.
  12. Understand that academic greatness loves organisation, consistency and preparation.
  13. Avoid sluggish movement. Your brain functions as first as your legs.
  14. Avoid a cheating mentality.
  15. Ensure the answer spaces provided are fully filled.
  16. Have a visible handwriting.
  17. Study from your own notes.
  18. At this moment, teachers can either bless or curse you. Be careful.
  19. Start with the long answer questions then the short answer questions.
  20. Do not sleep on the locker when the paper is on session.
  21. Avoid going to the washroom when the paper is on session to avoid distractions.
  22. Avoid answering KCSE questions with red or black pen. Use blue pen only.
  23. If possible, take a shower twice a day.
  24. Every evening go to the field to run for two laps, take a shower thereafter.
  25. If possible, go for a morning run then take a shower before going for morning preps.
  26. After KCSE has began, STOP sleeping at 1AM and waking up at 3AM.
  27. It’s about making time, not managing time.
  28. Never ever leave a blank space in KCSE.
  29. Believe in yourself.
  30. Last minute can save a man.
  31. During the exam period, avoid eating foods that you’re not used to. They might lead to stomach upsets.
  32. If you’re a border, avoid calling home during KCSE period. They might give you news that will affect your state of mind.
  33. Help others who ask for help. You’re not competing among yourselves.
  34. Spend the first 7 minutes skimming and scanning all the questions without answering. This helps your mind to start thinking about the answers.
  35. You didn’t reach form four only to reach form four.
  36. Not everyone is happy with you finishing form four, the best revenge is massive success.
  37. Maintain your discipline till the last minute.
  38. Consult. Consult. Consult.
  39. Do not worry about campus fees, it will come.
  40. Do it for the aging parents, do it for your future kids, do it for the doubters, do it for you.
  41. Do not take your life because of KCSE results.
  42. Use your chance well, do not waste it only to come to repeat form four again.
  43. Education is not the key to success, it’s one of the keys to success.
  44. School is not over after KCSE, the real school begins after KCSE.
  45. Don’t think about the failures of your parents, think about the success of your future kids.
  46. It’s not about how you began but how you finish.
  47. University is a place to network, interact and meet people. Don’t live a boring life in campus. Shake every hand and pick every call.
  48. Campus can either make or destroy you. Choose your friends wisely.
  49. Going to campus doesn’t automatically mean that you’ll become successful in life, but going to campus INCREASES your chances of becoming successful in life.


Vidambu is an Academic Mentor with over 1600 high schools in Kenya running his academic programs.
His Finishing Strong Academic Mentorship Programs revolve around Syllabus Understanding Strategies, Content Mastery, Content Retention, Content Delivery, Proper Revision Techniques, Time Management Strategies, Working Timetable, Study Book, Classroom/Staffroom Intercordination, Academic Cultures, Study Habits, among other great topics.
He is a Trainer of Principals during KESSHA meetings and teachers.
He is the President of Global Student Mentorship Foundation, Author, and a Lecturer.
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You Are Blessed.


  1. Queen watata

    Very encouraging am motivated as a teacher and a parent thanks Sam may God bless you so much you continue motivating us


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