1. The school mean score is close to the mean score of English.
  2. The schools that improve in compulsory subjects will always improve in overall KCSE performance.
  3. The mean grade of the school is mostly the grade with the highest number of students.
  4. Success of Sciences is in practicals while the performance of Languages is in setbooks.
  5. Kiswahili beats English performance in most schools mainly because most students don’t master the four basic language skills of speaking, listening, writing and reading in English.
  6. Statistically, in most cases the mean score of the school is more than the mean score of Biology by 1.2 {+- 0.4}.
  7. In developing schools parents are concerned about the number of students going to the university but in developed schools parents are concerned about the mean score of the school.
  8. Results are made in the staffroom, then the classroom.
  9. For good performance, students should have academic mindset, teachers should have academic skillset and the school should have academic cultures.
  10. The secret to a good course is balancing subjects.


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