1) Form a disaster management unit within the G&C department and train them on prevention, preparedness, response and recovery.
2) Empower the guidance and counselling department.
3) Install CCTV cameras especially outside the dormitories.
4) Conduct mandatory drug tests especially in boarding schools.
5) Mount fire extinguishers in high risk quarters.
6) Ensure the suggestion box is active.
7) Add up the number of guards in the dormitories area especially on Friday evening, Saturday evening and Sunday evening.
8) Don’t stalk, investigate. Don’t track, trace.
9) Develop a functional conflict resolution unit within the G&C department.
10) Be friendly but strict to students.
11) Be a father-figure, not a local-leader.
12) Have the contacts of OCS and OCPD.
13) Get sniffer dogs on the opening day especially in boarding schools.
14) Have clear communication channels.
15) Allow students to choose their own leaders. Train those leaders.
16) Get speakers to mentor the students on dangers of drug addiction and importance of education.
17) Organize inter-class championships and inter-staff competitions both indoor and outdoor. Award the winners.
18) Don’t ignore small issues. Atomic bombs are formed by atoms.
19) Ensure we have several teachers in school on Friday evening, Saturday evening and Sunday evening.
20) AVOID assuming that the students are so good hence they can’t strike.


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