What is leadership? Leadership is influence. What matters is not what leaders do, but how they influence others. Great influence starts with self influence.

Are leaders born or made? Leaders are born then made. Leadership is situational. Why is it that you find an 11 year old boy saving people from wreckage of a road accident when 50 year old men are watching without doing anything?

Great student leaders are honest, good decision makers, responsible, intelligent, wise, confident, great public speakers, communicate well, have integrity and listen to their followers.

Roles of student leaders include ensuring school rules are followed, linking students and teachers, acting as role models to other students, sharing information and organising meetings.

Student leaders can build confidence by thinking growth, focusing on what they can control, talking to people and getting good grades.

Student leaders can enhance their speaking skills by using voice and hands effectively, grabbing attention at the beginning of the speech, using stories, dressing well, using podium appropriately and maintaining meaningful eye contact.

Student leaders can balance between academics and leadership by choosing leadership roles wisely, by managing time well and prioritising studies over leadership because academic results is the main reason why students are in school.

Great student leaders ‘show how’ while others ‘tell what’. Great student leaders ‘act as example’ while others ‘use words’.


Vidambu is an Academic Mentor with over 2000 high schools in Kenya running his academic programs.
His Academic Mentorship Programs revolve around Syllabus Coverage, Syllabus Understanding Strategies, Content Mastery, Content Retention, Content Delivery, Proper Revision Techniques, Time Management Strategies, Working Timetable, Study Book, Classroom/Staffroom Intercordination, Academic Cultures, Study Habits, among other great topics.
He is a Trainer of Principals during KESSHA conferences and teachers.
He is the President of Global Student Mentorship Center, He is an author, and a Lecturer.
To Have Vidambu launch their Candidates Academic Mentorship Programs in your school and be a Class Mentor kindly call/text/whatsapp 0743480435 (Sam Vidambu).
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You Are Blessed.

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