To many people when the word deputy principal is mentioned they think about discipline, to more people they think about harshness, to most people they think about the most feared individual in the school compound.

But really, what makes a good deputy principal?

Deputy principal is the only person in a school set up who can act as an ordinary classroom teacher and the school principal concurrently without interfering with the normal school program. Deputy principal is not just an office, but an institution. An institution which has been neglected for some time now. It is very unfortunate to see the Dean of Studies reaching the principal without passing through the Deputy Academics. The institution of deputy deserves respect.

Deputy principals are proffesionals, they know their roles. Preparing lesson plans, schemes of work, ensuring curriculum delivery, chairing HOD meetings and discipline committees, inducting new teachers, assisting principal, assuming role of principal if they are absent, appraising teachers, appointing prefects, among many other roles.

The truth is, some deputies are stressed. Others are in depression. Some could be frustrated by the employer, others by the boss. It happens. If you are frustrated you are not the only one. Many schools are experiencing cold wars between the principal and the deputy principal. A cold war is a psychological war which does not have weapons or armoury. In most of these schools, the deputy and the boss do not see eye to eye. They only greet each other but never complete a casual or official conversation past one minute. The teachers nor students might not know. This is dangerous for the academic progression of the school. Cold war between principal and deputy makes the staffroom to have camps. The moment the staffroom is divided the unity of purpose is lost. When unity of purpose is lost failure is imminent.

In most schools which have history of deputies becoming principal, camps are common especially when another principal from a different school is brought.

~A good deputy principal does not try to outshine his master.
~A good deputy doesn’t backbite the HODs.
~A good deputy is not jealous when HODs get promotions.
~A good deputy is close to the parents.
~A good Deputy Administration works closely with G&C.
~A good Deputy Academics works closely with the DOS.
~A good deputy is Dumb.
~A good deputy praises in public and criticises in private.
~A good deputy is strict but likable.
~A good deputy is after career progression.


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