Thursday 24th November 2022. That’s the exact date when most high schools are closing. At 7 in the morning most gates will have been locked. The form ones, twos and threes will be all smiles. Christmas, new year celebrations, family get~togethers and cousin meetings will be on their minds. The form fours will be left behind to complete that which they began four years ago.

Monday 23rd January 2023 at 8AM the doors will be opened again. The long holiday will be over. The 2022 KCSE results will have been released. The opener exams will be around the corner. The DOS will be busy analysing 2022 KCSE performance. The principal will be calling other colleagues to compare performance. The parents will be calling principals, some will be talking about fees while others about vacancies. The schools will be awaiting the double intake i.e the CBC grade 7 and the KCPE form ones.

The last 25 months (from October 2020 to November 2022) have been the busiest in teaching profession since independence. Crash programs, high expectations, limited time, inadequate resources and Covid-19 pandemic, it has not been easy for any teacher. Thank God from 2023 going forward the academic calendar years will be normal.

  1. That’s the number of days the students will spend at home before they come back for the next academic year. Truth be told, for the form threes, the way they spend this holiday will determine whether they will get a B+ or a D+ in KCSE. There is no student who joined form one to get a D in the final exam, is there?

We rob and get robbed of time. We loose time yet we have all the time in the world. We kill time, we save time, we redeem time but there is no one who is mighty enough to stop the march of time or slow it down.

Is time far beyond our control? Not really. While we can not influence the flow of time, we can still get the most out of it. Utilising time well is an art similar to mastering a sorcery, the results will be worth the effort. More will be accomplished, organisation will be realised and consistency will be achieved.

So, how should students make good use of the two months holiday?

They will be at home for 60 days. I will deduce 6 days i.e Christmas day, new year, closing day, opening day, Jamuhuri day and Boxing day. I will advice students how to spend the remaining 54 days.

Academic success loves organisation, consistency and preparation. Academic success is a mindset, philosophy and it is a game of numbers.

Time and tasks. Small minds complain of not having enough time to complete specific tasks. Average minds have enough time but can not complete specific tasks. Great minds organise themselves to complete specific set of tasks within specific set of time.

Everyday has 24 hours. An organised student will split this 24 hours into three tasks with equal time. While at home, this student will spend 8 hours for sleeping, 8 hours for helping parents and doing other things, then the students will have 8 hours for studying. This student will make a daily timetable with time and subjects. Each day the student will be studying a topic in every subject (most form threes are doing eight subjects). The student will begin studying from form one topic one as they come to upper classes.

Everyday, for the 54 studying days, the student will have studied 54 topics in every subject. The student will make a work sheet whereby after studying a particular topic they will mark. I will use an example of Biology. Biology syllabus has 5 topics in form one, 4 topics in form two and 4 topics in form three. This means form one to form three Biology has 13 topics. For any form three student by the time they open school in January they will have revised each and every Biology topic four times i.e 54 ÷ 13= 4. The form twos will have revised each topic of Biology 6 times. i.e 54 ÷ 9= 6. The form ones who have already selected subjects will have revised Biology topics 11 times i.e 54 ÷ 5= 11.

This is a workable, proven and realistic program.

Different subjects will be revised different number of times. Different classes will revise different subjects different number of times. English and Swahili too have their own different holiday program.

Try, just try. It does not cost anything to try something new. Successful students focus on progress, not perfection. You got a B in the last exam, aim at a B+ now. Don’t settle for less. Be better. Do better. Achieve better. If you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you’ve always gotten. Better results require better strategies. Higher levels require higher mindsets.

Remember, having 8 hours for studying doesn’t mean a student won’t have 8 hours to sleep. Furthermore, having 8 hours to study daily doesn’t mean a student won’t have time for friends.

Candidates, be organised, work with numbers and make time. This is not the moment to wander from one relative to another everyday. Stay at home or stay at one relative who wants you to excel. If the environment at home is not conducive to study, go to the nearest public library and study. Stop making excuses. Successful students do not make excuses, they make adjustments. Successful students do not change the goal, they set new targets.

Remember, you don’t reap what you sow. You reap more than what you sow. The more you sweat in the training, the less you bleed in the battle. Candidate, the way you spend this holiday will determine the outcome of January.

They have laughed at you, they have given you names, they call you number last, they have written you off, they have said you’ll not go to campus, they are scheming, planning and dreaming about your academic downfall. Remember, the best revenge is massive success. Those who laugh at you will become the first people to congratulate you for your good results in January. Work, succeed, make your parents proud. Success is your duty, obligation and responsibility.

Parents, support your kids. Create a conducive environment for them to study. Stop throwing them to aunties and uncles every week. Visit shosho two days, then come back. If they stay at guka/agui/guga/papa for one month are you sure they will study there? At home, you can even create a study room if it is possible. This will be an act of love and academic goodwill. If they have dropped talk to them well, ask them why they think they dropped. Ask them what they are doing to improve again. Analyse the results with them. Compare the trend of results of individual subjects since they joined form one until now. Take them to programs. Paying school fees is not the only role of a parent. Go to the place of worship with your son or daughter. Pray together as a family. Be a concerned parent.

Princess, wear that crown and let them bow. Prince, take that thrown and command your army. Make daddy proud. Make mama happy.

Go to work. Prove them wrong. Achieve greatness. You can do it.

(Not All The Information About The Holiday Program Is Provided in This Article.)


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