1. 8:4:4 is teacher centered while CBC is student centered..
  2. 8:4:4 focuses on questions and answers while CBC focuses on questions and processes.
  3. 8:4:4 focuses on employment of information memorised while CBC insists on deployment of experiences gained.
  4. 8:4:4 is about content retention while CBC is about skills application.
  5. 8:4:4 has classes while CBC has grades.
  6. 8:4:4 has subjects while CBC has learning areas.
  7. 8:4:4 has topics while CBC has strands.
  8. 8:4:4 has lesson objectives while CBC has learning outcomes.
  9. In 8:4:4 teaching aids are used while in CBC it is learning resources which are utilised.
  10. 8:4:4 system has KCPE and KCSE national exams while CBC has formative and summative tests.
  11. 8:4:4 system is more of theory while CBC is more practical.
  12. 8:4:4 system is divided into 8.4.4 while CBC is divided into
  13. In 8:4:4 the grades are A, B, C, D, E while in CBC the rubrics are Exceeds expectations, Meet expectations, Approaching expectations and Below expectations.
  14. 8:4:4 is about chalk and talk while CBC is about competences and proficiencies.
  15. 8:4:4 is about world of school while CBC is about world of work.
  16. 8:4:4 is rigid in content generation while CBC is flexible in learning needs.
  17. 8:4:4 focuses only on cognitive development while CBC focuses on integration of pertinent and contemporary issues to real life.
  18. 8:4:4 focuses on perfection while CBC focuses on progress.
  19. In 8:4:4 the teacher-student interaction is limited while in CBC the interaction is closer.
  20. 8:4:4 is just about information memorization while CBC is about critical thinking, problem solving, creativity and imagination.


Vidambu is one of the best career experts in Kenya. He helps students choose the best career paths as they leave Junior school to join senior school in CBC.
He assists juniors to link up their proficiencies to their competences.
He is a Trainer of Principals during KESSHA conferences and teachers.
He is the President of Global Student Mentorship Center, He is an author, and a Lecturer.
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You Are Blessed.

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