1. Adopt ‘Evening Daycare Strategy’.
    This is a strategy whereby before a student goes to sleep on a specific day, they must revisit everything that the teacher taught on that specific day in that specific subject.
    A student should care for the day. After reading, internalizing and studying from the teacher’s notes given in class more than two times, the student should try and write own notes on the same subtopic without referring anywhere. This enhances content retention. If time allows, the student should also get subtopical passed paper questions from that area then attempt to answer. This will enhance content delivery.
  2. Have a positive mindset towards Chemistry.
    The thought processes, the thinking patterns, the mental state, the attitude levels.
    Just because ‘Mole concept’ is challenging to a form three doesn’t mean it will be challenging to a form one. Students should never take advice from failures. They should believe in themselves, they should think right, do right then achieve right.
  3. Practice active listening.
    When Mwalimu is teaching Chemistry in class, students should do the following things:
    ~Maintain meaningful eye contact throughout the lesson.
    ~Avoid distractions.
    ~Write down/draw everything that Mwalimu writes/draws on the board (even if he has not instructed you to do so).
    ~Prepare for the class in advance (put everything on the locker before the lesson begins).
    ~Ask alot of questions in class. Be curious. Even if others will say you are ‘kiherehere’ just ask. Even if they will laugh at you keep asking. This is about you, not others.
    ~Sit in ‘The North West Angle’/Campus angle.
    ~Don’t lean on the chair when Mwalimu is teaching Chemistry.
    ~Always sit among the first three columns to listen well.
    ~Do not put both elbows on the locker when Mwalimu is teaching Chemistry.
  4. Like the Chemistry teacher.
    Truth be told, it is difficult to pass Chemistry and yet one hates the teacher.
    The angels of passing Chemistry do not use the same lane with the devils for hating the Chemistry teacher.
    Even if the dress code is not impressive, the student must like them.
    Even if their accent is not so good, the student must just listen to them.
    God will give a good grade in Chemistry through that teacher.
  5. Never ever miss a Chemistry class unless it is a must.
    What should one do to get out when inside a hole? Should they keep digging?
    Missing a Chemistry lesson is one of the biggest mistakes a student can do. If one misses a class today, it will be hard for them to connect well when Mwalimu comes tomorrow for another lesson.
    Writing notes from a friend is not enough, when one misses a class due to unavoidable circumstances they should reach out to the teacher so that they can get more information about what was taught.
  6. Prioritize Chemistry.
    If Chemistry is challenging a student, in their personal study timetable Chemistry should have the most time.
    The more a student sees Chemistry, the more they will love it. The more they will love it, the more they will improve in it.
    Successful students major their majors without forgetting to major their minors.
  7. Personal Assessment Test.
    After studying a particular topic in Chemistry, a student should formulate questions aiming at the topic objectives and then answer those questions without referring.
  8. Consult. Consult. Consult.
    A student should visit Chemistry department frequently. They should ask hard questions. They should not stay in class feeling uncomfortable about anything, they should go and ask.
    Happiness of a Chemistry teacher is being asked questions while the joy of a Chemistry student is being answered questions.
  9. Study related topics.
    Most topics in Chemistry are related. A student should study related topics so that they don’t break the flow and also to understand an area better. If a student studies ‘Organic chemistry 1’ today, they should study ‘Organic chemistry 2’ the next time they have Chemistry on the study timetable.
    The relationship between Chemistry and Mathematics can not be understated. It is evident in every student’s result slip and the DOS’ KCSE analysis.
    Has one ever seen Chemistry having mean score of 8 and Mathematics having a 3? NEVER. If Mathematics has 3, Chemistry has 3.4. If Mathematics has 7, Chemistry has 7.5.
    Mathematics and Chemistry are siblings who share common challenges in life.
    In most schools’ subject analysis, Mathematics is the lowest followed by Chemistry.
    Without loss of meaning, truth be told, Mathematics affect Chemistry.
    Where Mathematics is, Chemistry will be.
    Has one ever seen a student with a D+ in KCSE Chemistry, a D in KCSE Mathematics and A as the overall grade in KCSE?


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